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Privacy & Policy

With the insurance of accepting the terms & conditions set up by the company, we follow some policies to maintain a legal deed between client and us that ensure the private information or other data of client is only accessible by the company, no third involvement. To understand this in more details you can refer or check the terms& conditions by the company on other page

Usage of private information

Only the data which is required and been accessible to the company will be used in the procedure of the services. No other data would be used for any malicious activities, client just need to submit the asked data for the projects. No third party will be involved in the business, the information shared amongst the company and client will remain to that. Also, the information should be provided by the client at a time, as per the connivance of the project. You can also refer for the same in the authorization rights in terms & conditions agreement for better understanding.

Cookies setting

Another feature that would be client aware about is the cookies setting, which will be added by the company in the developing the website. It’s actually “in-built” functionality set by the browsers for the website to run on browser.  Its feature is just to monitor the performance of site and people activities on your website. This setting is not used for any malicious activities; functionality is only limited to maintain the website performance and analysing activities.

Collecting Information

All the information about client background will be collected first, name, age, gender, education, email and also client should not have any illegal allegation over them. If any that shall not be accepted, resulting in the disclosure of the project and Services. With this information also bank account details will be filled in the forum for future payments. Also, client needs to copy of their aadhar card or nay other government authorize document for the proof identification as an individual.


Our company has been legally authorized under the Data Protection Act of India 1998, i.e. the client information confidential and no shall third party will be interfere in the business until and unless client wanted. Client may asked for the copies of the record or other reports of the projects, all what client have to do is fill up the request form to the company and the copies will be provided to them. Rather than that, client has access to all the sources used by the companies in the services or product. The client also have right to stop the project in case of emergency, but for that a legal proof should be submitted to company for the cancellation of the agreement.

Changes to policy

Any changes done by the company in their respected policies, client would be informed on time. Company will take reasonable step for the same so, that there will be no delay in projects in respect to changes in the policies. Client also has to acknowledge the policies change and accept them for better mutual trust and understanding.




Company all work is legally owned by it, no amount of plagiarism work is supported by us.

All the company work is legally registered.

Contacting us

Feel free to reach us anytime you want, for any queries that arise related to the product and services. We hope to serve you best and provide better solutions.